Wednesday, September 2, 2009

farmer's market, dogs

went to the raleigh farmer's market today. Man oh man - so many stalls, all have the same thing. What is a wolvie to do? buy cukes here, peppers there, eggplant over that a way, etc. and Le sigh.

Did get some great peaches for the peach salsa tho. and if you like german johnson tomatoes, i suggest you come on down (or up) to raleigh - they are LOADED with them.

On another note - watching my doggie get older by the day - at least sometimes it seems that way. poor old boy. no hip dysplasia , pain, or even detectable arthiritis, so I am pretty well certain we are experiencing Degenerative Myelopathy, or something very like it. I had a shep go down with this a few years back, and Grady's symptoms are awfully similar, especially with all his blood work being spot on, and good x rays. I am hoping it's just general weakness, but we will just have to see. He stumbles a lot, and absolutely can no longer pivot on either rear leg. makes for some interesting (but scary) interactions on the stairs with the kitties. I think I am going to have to gate the stairs soon. He fell pretty damn hard the other nite, scared the S**T out of me. Grady of course, just got up and gave the floor a dirty look. ;-0


RuthWells said...

Poor poochie. Getting old sucks.

Sue said...

i know - my dog actually passed me by a few years ago, but man. ;-)