Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the weather outside is frightful

uh huh - we were supposed to have mid to low 80's and low humidity all this week. yah. instead, only mid to high 90's and friggin humid enough to curl my hair as I go out the door. le sigh.

this is why we are leaving NC - 4 solid months of this hell. I don't mind a few days, even a couple of weeks, but come on.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So a buddy of mine

Who shall remain nameless , hasn't bothered to pick one tomato from the plants I drove a few hundred miles to give her. LOL - something is definitely wrong with that picture.

She does say she waves at them as she drives by everyday. Man oh man - i should go and raid a garden.

newest political musings

YES!! Dump the republic of no and move on with healthcare reform.

After healthcare, we can finally finish the wall street debacle. My word. Get those regulations in place boyos.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

schedules, schedules

Just try scheduling time with my pal Ruth of lemonade and kidneys fame. No way Jose.
whew - that is one busy family.

halloween anyone? ;-0
well - we are going to make an offer on a property in PA this weekend - 6 acres and a house with good bones, in need of updating, but nothing that has to be done this instant.

now - to find a place to sell my plants. :-)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

where oh where has rationality gone? oh where oh where could it be? with its tail cut off and its head clogged up, oh where oh where could it be.(tune little dog gone)

someone, PLEASE. someone has to be able to bring rational thinking back to this america. Of course, the nut jobs like Palin would say this means we want jihad.

I wonder if the people who yell and swear at all these supposed demonstrations would like what they see if a mirror was held up to them. Would it give them pause?

How many of these folks want their "grannies" to lose their single payer health care. you know, Medicare? I don't even want to guess how many actually had cards for it in their back pockets whilst yelling.

America has dumbed down alright. A sad , sad, episode in our history.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I read a piece in the Parade Magazine today ( you know, that little insert mag in the newspapers - you guys still get newspapers, right?) with Bill O'Reilly.

Now, normally I wouldn't be able to say that man's name with out a flame retardant nearby, but - his piece in this mag today makes him sound...reasonable...human even. He praised Obama.

The thud you heard around noon today was me falling off my chair. Will wonders never cease?

Did he start with mood modifiers or something? Is there hope for any fox news viewer or commentators? What next - Ann Coulter admits she does it all for money? Rofl

setting up

just getting started with this here blog, it will get better as I learn more.

I have to say, in my very first post, that I believe Sarah Palin is an absolute disgrace to womenkind. You betcha.

Whew - had to get that set out first. If you don't agree with me on this one, chances are extremely good that you won't like anything else, either.