Friday, July 27, 2012

My ode to Mitt Romney

they call him mittens, mittens, flipping and flopping, 
no one you see, take  more stands  than he
and we know mittens lives in a world full of plunder, 
taking our earnings over the sea

mittens has trouble with honesty
information will ne'er be from he
evasions he makes when questions appear
he and Ann tell us no more will we hear

they call him mittens mittens flipping and flopping
no one you see, take more stands than he
and we know mittens lives in a world full of plunder
taking our earnings over the sea

sung to the tune of the Flipper  tv show theme (old show from the 60's)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

On a brighter note

I have joined Abby Dodges "Bake Together" challenge/ site. Should be lots of fun.  i have posted a link to her site for others to peruse and maybe you can join too. :-)

It has been awhile

Going to try and get started with this again- bear with me.

Not long after my last post, my life underwent some incredibly bad changes.

My Mom became seriously ill- she ended up needing a quadruple by pass. She recovered from that pretty well- then had a stoke. She recovered yet again..not quite as robustly, but good enough that we all felt confident that we could resume the house hunting.

During the time that Mom was undergoing all the medical treatments a friend of mine decided they wanted to purchase a 3rd property- and we agreed to cover the mortgage for said property for a bit- as it would move us close to the area we wanted to house hunt in- good for us all, right?

As life goes, just as we were getting into this place, my Mom became ill again. Not unmanageable, if one has adequate health facilities around, so we were into downtime and taking care of getting Mom stable.

Someday I may actually be able to articulate the hell we went thru here in the Baltimore / Annapolis area. Not today tho.

In the end, we lost my Mom on the 18th of July last year. I am still trying to figure out how i am handling it all.