Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


ahhhh- I hope folks who are screaming about monies pay attention to what Pres Obama wants to do, and that they get on board.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Beautiful Day

At last.

Gorgeous weather to live in. Took 4 months, but this is very nice.

spent the weekend looking at homes in Mass, and may just have found exactly what we want. We'll see.

Friday, September 11, 2009

A true conservative

If only these were the folks we dealt with today. I could agree with them.

9/11 and the like

I will never forget where I was that morning in 2001 - and I am sure it is the same for every American. I am remembering all of the victims and their families today, and I always will.

That same selflessness that was evoked under such terrible circumstances seems to have faded away. so sad.

How did we go from that moment to things like shouting at Town Halls and actually heckling a sitting president within the halls of congress? How many of those same folks are flying their flags proudly today?

How many of their them, their parents, their children, etc., were involved in that shameful place and time in Arkansas? Or places and times like it?

I see these folks as the same type of hateful people - no thinking, no caring, etc.

It is sad that it takes a tragedy such as 9/11 to make them rise above themselves, and an even bigger tragedy that they go back to their old ways so quickly.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

waiting to hear what Pres Obama has to say

in his address to congress. I am hoping he gathers the reigns on all of the various proposals and pulls a rabbit out of the hat, per se.

If anyone can do it, I am convinced he can

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

farmer's market, dogs

went to the raleigh farmer's market today. Man oh man - so many stalls, all have the same thing. What is a wolvie to do? buy cukes here, peppers there, eggplant over that a way, etc. and Le sigh.

Did get some great peaches for the peach salsa tho. and if you like german johnson tomatoes, i suggest you come on down (or up) to raleigh - they are LOADED with them.

On another note - watching my doggie get older by the day - at least sometimes it seems that way. poor old boy. no hip dysplasia , pain, or even detectable arthiritis, so I am pretty well certain we are experiencing Degenerative Myelopathy, or something very like it. I had a shep go down with this a few years back, and Grady's symptoms are awfully similar, especially with all his blood work being spot on, and good x rays. I am hoping it's just general weakness, but we will just have to see. He stumbles a lot, and absolutely can no longer pivot on either rear leg. makes for some interesting (but scary) interactions on the stairs with the kitties. I think I am going to have to gate the stairs soon. He fell pretty damn hard the other nite, scared the S**T out of me. Grady of course, just got up and gave the floor a dirty look. ;-0

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Labor Day cooking

so I am wondering what to make for the holiday weekend. My eyes and thoughts are always huge - but I do need to scale back, as I will most likley only be feeding 3 people. How does one train oneself not to go bonkers? Or is it too late for me?

On another note, I will be making a big batch of peach salsa today. :-)

Healthcare reform

Well - I for one think that I may have over reacted to , or been affected by, all the hype over the summer. This article from the washington post made me think - which is never a bad thing. ;-)

So - if the reform we get is just a first step - I think I can handle that. Especially if these ingredients are in the recipe:

1. Insurance co's can not deny anyone coverage for a preexisting condition
2. Insurance co's can not deny coverage for folks who already have a policy and get sick and need immediate care - and they must cover preventative procedures and the like, and mental health needs. No more insurance company "death panels".
3. Medical records must be modernized so that crucial information about a person's medical history is available within minutes or hours, not days.
4. Doctors should be paid for care, not by procedure. The biggest piece to reform on this right now is Medicare.
5. People who can not afford care must be able to receive it. No one should be denied access to health care, especially in an emergency, nor turned away because of lack of insurance
6. Families should not be penalized and bankrupted when their insurance companies refuse to pay for treatments. As the new regs are rolled out, something must be put in place immediately to assure that this happens until #'s 1 & 2 are in place. Too many people have lost their homes , etc., trying to pay outrageous balances that ought to have been covered.