Monday, September 14, 2009

Beautiful Day

At last.

Gorgeous weather to live in. Took 4 months, but this is very nice.

spent the weekend looking at homes in Mass, and may just have found exactly what we want. We'll see.


AnnL said...

Oooh, tell me more! Where is the property? What's it like? Are you making an offer or coming back up for a second look?


RuthWells said...

Hang on there, missy -- you're looking in the wrong state!!! ; )

Sue said...

lol you two.

Ann - it is in Oakham. We're pretty close to making an offer. probably tomorrow - waiting for paperwork.
we have the prequal and such, it will just be a matter of inspections, etc. An who knows about banks - one day yes, one day no anymore from what I read. :-)
the photos on the place don't do justice to it.

Sue said...


if I could have gotten that home in sadsburyville for what I wanted to pay, we would be there. :-)

This place has 10 acres, and is already set up for a business - with good space for that business. You will have to come and see it if all works out.:-)