Tuesday, August 11, 2009

where oh where has rationality gone? oh where oh where could it be? with its tail cut off and its head clogged up, oh where oh where could it be.(tune little dog gone)

someone, PLEASE. someone has to be able to bring rational thinking back to this america. Of course, the nut jobs like Palin would say this means we want jihad.

I wonder if the people who yell and swear at all these supposed demonstrations would like what they see if a mirror was held up to them. Would it give them pause?

How many of these folks want their "grannies" to lose their single payer health care. you know, Medicare? I don't even want to guess how many actually had cards for it in their back pockets whilst yelling.

America has dumbed down alright. A sad , sad, episode in our history.

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